Community Indicators for Your Community

Real, lasting community change is built around knowing where you are, where you want to be, and whether your efforts are making a difference. Indicators are a necessary ingredient for sustainable change. And the process of selecting community indicators -- who chooses, how they choose, what they choose -- is as important as the data you select.

This is an archive of thoughts I had about indicators and the community indicators movement. Some of the thinking is outdated, and many of the links may have broken over time.

Monday, September 17, 2007

More Data Sources

I'm becoming a big fan of tags for organizing web-based material, and for discovering other people who have tagged and organized material for you.

Thanks to the folks at this blog, I found the tag listings of Jon Udell. Jon's been trying to pull together public data sources, and has added quite a few interesting ones.

For example, the Human Development Report has customizable tables from countries around the world that you can download in spreadsheet format. That's from well over 100 indicators. (You can also read their report, but free access to customizable data sets is much more exciting to me, which obviously means I need to get out more.)

Then look at all pages tagged with 'publicdata' on More gems emerge, including GeoHive and WorldMapper.

So poke around, and join in the tagging fun -- make your own account, and when you identify really neat public data sites, tag them accordingly.

(There's also a community_indicators tag you may want to check out and add to.)


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