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Real, lasting community change is built around knowing where you are, where you want to be, and whether your efforts are making a difference. Indicators are a necessary ingredient for sustainable change. And the process of selecting community indicators -- who chooses, how they choose, what they choose -- is as important as the data you select.

This is an archive of thoughts I had about indicators and the community indicators movement. Some of the thinking is outdated, and many of the links may have broken over time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Follow-up Obesity Map: United States

I apologize for taking so long to update this blog -- the piles of work on my desk got too big and I had to focus on doing stuff (instead of just writing about doing stuff) for a little while. The good news is, a whole bunch of exciting news is coming soon -- this mini-hiatus turned out to be highly productive. (And I'm on a web conference right now discussing the intersection of community indicators and government performance measures, so I'm not slacking right now, I'm multi-tasking!)

We talked about visualizing obesity statistics before, and shared a really nice graphic of obesity rates by country. We've also shared obesity statistics by state for the United States.

Now the two have been brought together in the following graphic:

(click on graphic to enlarge)

Go to Miscellanea to check out the graphic and the discussion that follows on the relevance of BMI as an indicator of obesity.

What do you think of the graphic? Is it useful?

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  1. I like it, unfortunately I don't help Florida's numbers.

    The blue field of stars should be on the upper left