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Real, lasting community change is built around knowing where you are, where you want to be, and whether your efforts are making a difference. Indicators are a necessary ingredient for sustainable change. And the process of selecting community indicators -- who chooses, how they choose, what they choose -- is as important as the data you select.

This is an archive of thoughts I had about indicators and the community indicators movement. Some of the thinking is outdated, and many of the links may have broken over time.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Input Needed at DataPlace

Here's a note from the good people at DataPlace. For those unfamiliar with the site, it provides a great deal of data (much of it housing-specific) with some interesting tools to support your community indicators initiative. We've talked about them before, and recommended them for community projects. It's well worth checking out.

They're trying to build their 2.0 version of DataPlace, and need your input. Here's the message I received:

Hello from the development team at KnowledgePlex, Inc. We are busily working to make DataPlace better serve the data needs of community development professionals. As a registered DataPlace user, we would greatly value your input on changes you would like to see in a DataPlace version 2.0.

Any suggestions you have are welcome. Below are examples of questions that are important to us as we decide priorities for site design and development.

Bill Talcott
Associate Director, Research & Programs
KnowledgePlex, Inc.

1. Our goal with DataPlace is to provide data tools that facilitate positive community change. If you know of an example of DataPlace playing a role in a community development initiative, we would love to hear it.

2. Can you give an example of how you or your organization has successfully used DataPlace in the past? If so, please describe.

3. Do you have a wish list of data, tools, or other improvements you would like to see on DataPlace?


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